LetItRide Outlast

OUTLA$T is our spin on a survivor pool. Located within the LIR app. Users will join pools of all different sizes and parameters. Competing head-to-head against other users. Each pool  offers different styles and rewards. Each pool’s reward will be calculated by the number of participants or per entry.  If picking correct, the user moves on to the next day. Entries with losing picks are eliminated. The last entry standing wins the pool’s pot. Fans will choose from one or multiple pools!

For example; All Sports, Pick1, $100, 500 user pool. Users can choose from all sports, user must choose 1 correct pick per day (1/1, can only choose 1), $100 entry, and 500 entries total in the pool.

OUTLA$T keeps our users engaged with the platform every day by reminding you to get your daily pick in.

Outla$t Screenshot